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Accidents happen, even when we are cautious and careful. Your automobile and homeowner policies are designed to protect you in the case of such an accident, but sometimes that is not enough.

Million-dollar lawsuits are becoming all too common and are increasing in frequency each year. Without adequate coverage, a large liability award from a jury could shatter your financial security.

True Liability Cases

Think it can't happen to you?

Don’t risk the unthinkable from happening. Consider some of these situations.

Why you need liability insurance...

A Personal Catastrophic Liability policy will provide additional protection against the growing wave of exorbitant jury awards in such personal liability cases. This type of policy will not replace your existing automobile or homeowner’s policies. Often referred to as an umbrella policy, it will provide you with extra coverage. A million dollar liability policy can provide you with a great sense of security for just a little bit of money. Don’t risk the unthinkable from happening, call today so we can go over your options for keeping you covered.